Learn How to Play Roulette – Before Going to a Casino

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One of the best out come of the Roulette game is its visual appeal. And the fact is that, the actual winning of the game are quite low.
The are 3 basic steps we need to be familiar with are.

The layout of the game
The actual game
The betting strategy

We shall discuss the above 3 steps in detail and understand:

The Layout of the game
Before we learn how to play Roulette we need to know where the casino game is actually played. This game is played on a table, where the table should be more spacious to place the bets and there will be a wheel adjacent to it each have either 38 slots and 2 zeros, or 37 slots and one zero. The Roulette wheel will spin clockwise and the ball in opposite direction. The direction also depends on the dealer and the place we are playing.

The Actual Game

Its a very easy game as all the actions are carried out by the dealer, where the game is to be played by the individuals. There is no limit for the no of players in this game; any number of people can play it. And also the single player can place a multiple bets without any restrictions. This is the added advantage while playing this game. Bets are made, depending on the kind of roulette system used. Directly cash cannot be placed for betting, instead we need to buy in chips and place bets in chips. There will be different color of chips to make distinguish between the neighbor players.

The Betting Strategy

There is no particular betting scheme for this game, you can choose any. The players have to place specific bets, which are to predict the exact number that the ball will fall on, or place there money / chips on some generic bets. Placing bets on a generic one offer more of an advantage and will at-least guarantee a decent payout and also you no need to think as we do while placing specific bets. As there is very less chances of wining in specific bets.

Bets are normally made within 60 seconds of a dealer signaling that it is ok to do so. Some time we miss to place a bet with in the time, its ok, since we can place the same in the following rounds. The rules keep changing in different casinos, so we should be very careful before placing the bets, and dont be in a hurry and rash to place the bets, and always be safe while placing the bets.

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